DatePicker Display Dialog command

Has anyone noticed the ‘DatePicker Display Dialog’ command does not work in 17.3? It’s worked perfectly for many years over many previous versions. Quite strange.

If the default date is ‘current date’, the first time you use it, it shows the current month but with no date chosen. After that, subsequent uses of the command show the chosen date to be the one chosen during the previous use of the command.

If you don’t put a default date in, it doesn’t work at all (no date appears in the variable it’s pointed at when you choose a date).

So far, substituting the 17.2 Widgets Component into 17.3 seems to work to resolve this issue without causing any other problems but more testing will be needed.

Same problem here - since 17.2hf1.

Supplying the optional 3rd parameter is a workaround
I noticed the same bug

$date:=DatePicker Display Dialog (100;100;Current date(*))

: Aaron BLAZER

Supplying the optional 3rd parameter is a workaround

It´s only partly a workarround:
If you have more than one Datepicker on a form, the widget always shows the last selected date, not the date you passed on opening the datepicker. This can be quite confusing…

I personally use the DatePicker widget but NOT the DatePicker Display Dialog command.
And I don’t have seen any problem, perhaps a workaround solution is to open a dialog yourself ?