Dialog with a * behaviour


17R6, 18

A master form with a button calls this dialog:

<code 4D>
$L_W:=Open form window([LES_CONTRATS];“Contrat_WP”;Movable form dialog box;Horizontally centered;At the top;)

</code 4D>

When the dialog is open I can no longer play with the master form. When changing the form type with “palette form windows” it becomes possible to work with the master form.

I’m considering to open a bug ticket, shouldn’t I ?

small demo attached


Translate in french to see what’s wrong:
5 = Movable form dialog box = Form dialogue modal déplaçable

so what?

Never seen a modal window allowing to play with a background one.
Modal windows
A modal window places the user in a state (or “mode”) where they can only act within this window. As long as the modal window is displayed, the menu commands and other application windows are inaccessible.

I think Plain form window is the one you should use, try this code instead:
<code 4D>
$winType:=Choose(Windows Alt down;Movable form dialog box;Plain form window)
$L_W:=Open form window(“dial”;$winType;Horizontally centered;At the top;)
</code 4D>