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As long as 4D has moved this format, can we get the messages in a digest form?

Look here at topic 4.5 User preferences - Mailing list option:

and do the settings in your personal preferences.


digest, not mailing list. mailing list sends every message individually. digest groups n messages into threads and sends the entire batch as one message.

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Goto Preferences, Email, Activity Report.
The forum software has way more options as we can list here, we only covered a very small part in the FAQ. For the whole list of features and more details how to use it, check their documentation (discourse.org).
If you use 4D, Github or Twitter, the forum software behind is the same, so discovering the features might help in may places…

None of the options can keep you informed without getting individual emails all day long. It is not unusual to have a digest option for any emails that result from a forum like this. If that exists, can you point us to it more specifically? I have been unable to find such an option.

Perhaps what you are looking for in the email preferences page: you can choose to receive a summary by email daily, weekly, monthly…

I choose weekly:

Capture d’écran 2020-05-07 à 19.07.58

I see this in my preferences: “send me an abstract [option list]” (where option list = hourly, daily, weekly, etc). You can also search “digest” in discourse forum to get other answers.

That looks close, but it says to do it only if I don’t visit the forum as well. Not sure what will happen if I visit, but that might work well.


You can also respond by email…
I have never done it ever but it is possible.
Maybe in the FAQ

Well, I finally found the place, but here is where it would be useful to have the digest option. I understand this is probably third-party software not developed by 4D, but if we can view the forums as a mailing list, a digest option would be really nice to have.

ah. thanks @thomas_maul.
so what will go out in the “summary”? Is that akin to a traditional digest, part of a digest? headlines only? first 100 chars of every message?

so I tried with a test account to get a summary of last day.
It is a summary, not a digest, not showing all mails but only the most active ones. It is not a plain text mail as the iNug was, but a HTML format showing which forum, author picture, subject, text and link to discussion.

And that is the main thing. iNug was a simple mailing list.
Discourse is a knowledge and discussion forum. It is about finding information, not about asking and asking and asking. It is designed to include information from yesterday, last month, last year. to detect similar questions or information. It is not only about “now”.

After 25 years iNug, maybe it is time to do a step back and reconsider how the world has changed.

If you use a list rarely, subscribe to a summary, once a day or once a week.
If you use it daily, but don’t want to spend time, just visit once (using a browser or a native app, like the app for iPad) and just check on upper right about new threads or unread messages.
Scan above the subjects, read subjects you are interested and “dismiss” all others, so they are not displayed again. Mute categories, subjects or even people if you are not interested in them, to reduce this list.
It is a different working, I know. Just give it a try.
If you don’t like it, subscribe to messages into a mail browser client Gmail to get them in your box or even local on your disk.

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