Don't like contents Application Menu in Merged Application

Product :4D - 4D Server
OS : Mac OS X

I run the SET ABOUT command in the startup procedure to implement a custom ‘About MyApplication’ Menu. In the development environment under the 4D menu there is an ‘About MyApplication’ Item that shows the custom dialog box created by the method passed to the SET ABOUT command.

However in the Merged version the 4D menu is replaced by a ‘MyApplication’ Menu but under that menu there is only an ‘About 4D…’ item that gives the standard 4D About dialog, which I don’t want in my custom application, and no evidence of an ‘About MyApplication’ Item which would show the custom about box I implemented with the SET ABOUT command.

I seems now that the SET ABOUT command has no effect in a merged application which is disturbing. I can’t find anything written about this. I would welcome any advice on how to resolve this issue.

Also I would like to get rid of the 4D attribution dialog that appears when the merged application is quit. It seems to me that should be there only if they give 4D development environment away for free. Furthermore, the ‘Services’ Menu and contents is a real boondoggle in the Merged Application.


I can’t find anything written about this.

There is no such restriction; SET ABOUT works fine with merged applications.

are you calling the command before or after SET MENU BAR?

Thank you once again. Yes, I was calling SET ABOUT after SET MENU( ). Works better the other way. Doesn’t say there is a required order in the documentation.

Any advice on getting rid of or emptying the Services Menu under the Application Menu? I don’t want the user to be able to choose these menu items as they launch whole other applications which would be confusing. And doing away with the attribution dialog which appears on quitting the Merged application?

I can’t identify these in the Package Contents to delete.

The Sponsor (attribution) screen is only displayed if you use 4D Unlimited Desktop to build a standalone app.

It is not displayed with Client/Server or OEM Desktop to build a standalone app.

As for the Services menu,

it is a system-level contextual menu,

it should be “Services unavailable” for 4D all the time.

what exactly do see?

This is what I see:

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Mac is giving you those options because you have enabled it in System Preferences > Services > Developer.

The default is to not show any.

My Macs have no “Services” pane in System Preferences — I can send you a screen shot if desired. I may have changed some setting somewhere but it does not appear to be in System Preferences > Services.

On looking at it more, it is definitely something I turned on because all the applications on my macs now offer those same developer services. Interesting. I will work on it. If you have any other ideas, let me know.

In your screenshot you already have a shortcut to the services settings at the bottom of the list.

Right, I had just found that on the web. It’s in the Keyboard pane of System Preferences.

Thank You.

By the way, when you search for ‘OEM Desktop’ on you get no results. I think they discontinued it.