Download V17 R4

If you try and download v17 R4 from eithe rthe blog page or the site
you get this message


4D v17 R4

4D v17 R4 – Released 16 April 2019

You must be connected to access to this page connect

If you click on the link to connect It takes you to your account page. No idea what to do next just wasted half an hour still not managed to download the version. I am silver partner.

Anyone got any idea ?

Hello Paul,

You did exactly what you were supposed to do.
In a short period of time, 4D customers will be asked to login to access any 4D version.

Now we would like to better understand what the issue is.

Do you mean that you are not succeeded when trying to login?
Or is the issue that once logged in, you still can’t access the R4 masters for download?



Hello Laurent,

No logged in ok. When you go to the downloads page the tab for the R version is greyed out.

If you click on the tab you get the message to connect.

When you click the connect link it takes you to my account page.

My details are correctly displayed but there is no link to download the software. So I think you have a problem with the redirect.

I just copied this into browser
and can download so the issue is 4d webserver not redirecting with this url

There is a further problem. If you go to view licences or contracts
from this page

It redirects to

which is the old style page and you get


My licenses

Please log in to see the list of your activated licenses.

But I am already logged in.

So cant see where to get licence for v!7 R4

While I still don’t understand why you have the redirection issues, at least getting the license should be easy.

I assume you used on that computer already 4D v17.x or a 4D v17 Rx version - and you used your partner license?

If yes, simply launch R4. It will automatically detect that your license is a partner number, refresh itself (this requires a port 443 connection to our server, so don’t block via firewall all) and simply works.

If you did not used a partner number, your license needs to be with a valid maintenance contract.

If you never used 4D on that computer so far, just enter your 4D v17.x license (from your partner license list or from your purchased license).

Yes have 17.1 with the partner licence.

: Thomas MAUL

If yes, simply launch R4. It will automatically detect that your
license is a partner number

Launch 17 R4 and licence manager is empty port 443 not blocked for outgoing.

Cannot get to partner licence list as this page

Keeps asking to login even though logged in and can get to this page with my account info

so going round in circles.

The automatic updating of licenses is not a new feature, it is available since 2016, see:

It is used for a while now, both for using R releases for partners, as well as updating licenses for end users (such as v16 to v17 or 17 to 17 Rx).

I have honestly not even an idea why that fails on your system - and so many other failures happen.
I’m afraid that I assume it will be very difficult to impossible to find the source in a theoretical approach.

Please open a TAOW case, so they can check with you directly what’s going on.

Managed to get it working by resubmit of DEV licence using number from the old email. Worth noting that 4D server picked up the 17.1 licence without re-entering.