Drag from 4d to another application

good morning,
i need to drag files from 4d to another application but the simple “set file to pasteboard” seems doesn’t work.
has anyone managed this problem and can help me?
i also have another solution that is to have a list compatibile application with the file like “open with” from the system ) but i have not find the way to have this list from the system.
naturally in MAC.


list of apps. suitable for file type is managed by Launch Services


piece of advice:

rather than declare that a “command doesn’t work”

it is better to post a minimal sample 4DB using your code.

perhaps the community can help you understand how to make it work.

Thanks Miyako for your quick answer.

I’ll try to look at your solution…
regarding your advice.
I’m sorry i did’t want to say that the command doesn’t work… this is why i have not say there is a bug.
set file to pasteboard works well for other purposes unfortunately not for what i need.
i’ll try to be more polite. :wink:


care to elaborate what is different between

“other purposes”


“what i need”



Thanks Miyako, at the end i have found that was my fault.
Unfortunately when you develop something alone… sometime you do the same error multiple times .
However the command Set File to PasteBoard… do what i need.
I’m building in my company something like a Document management system because it easy to manage filenames and folder structure in the DB.

I found that is not a problem to send and sync file using documento to blob from server to client and the other way around. Is also really efficient in remote mode ( from outside with VPN)

so i have create a collection listbox with the file i want to show.
The file naturally are on the server.
when double click or drag the file a copy is automatically download and open through “launch External process”)
unfortunately this function use the default application as default.
so i allow to drag the file on another application .

I This part i had problems but now anymore.

next step will be to integrate your 4d-plugin-apple-file-promisess and windows plugin.:wink: