Drag over 4D doesn't do the job


I have a listbox based on Entity Selection which list document names.
If I drop a document from the desktop, the document is added correctly in 4D and the update of the listbox is done successfully.
If I drag the name to the desktop, nothing happened. I’ve updated a code which works well from V14 and the update concerns only the way to identify and get the document (Blob field).

I work on the On Begin Drag Over event.

I’ve create a quick DB which shows the context.

http://forums.4d.com/4DBB_Main/x_User/274528/files/25737881.zipdemo DB>

Any idea on this?




I looked at your database, you are not using SET FILE TO PASTEBOARD anywhere.


Hi Keisuke,

You’re right. It is missing and it seems mandatory with the v17.
In previous version, it works without this command.

Thanks a lot