Duplicate entity

Hi to all,
which is the correct way to duplicate an entity?
i didn’t find anything similar to “duplicate record”.

I suppose:


i have already tried but you have also to remember to clean the primary key.
in my case usual is a long int auto increment otherwise you simple rewrite the existing entity.


Yes,you have to put the primary key to Null.

Here is a sample of generic code to duplicate entity $e to entity $e2 (with last V17R5 features):


ok thanks,
as a workaround is ok… but i think is strange not to have a command as in the past the do this in one shot…
we don’t use in production R version, so at the moment i cannot use getInfo () command in order to have the primary key.
i’ll ask for in in Features requests i think is useful in general to duplicate a record. without convert, reconvert and manipolate .


I thought that entity.clone() was the way to duplicate a record. Am I misunderstanding this function?


The entity.clone() method returns a new reference to the same entity.

As said in the documentation:
–> https://doc.4d.com/4Dv17R5/4D/17-R5/entityclone.305-4128710.en.html

The entity.clone( ) method creates in memory a new entity referencing the same record as the original entity.

Hi Marie-Sophie,

Ah, I see. I misread it. Probably because clone seemed the same as duplicate.

I’m curious, is there a difference between these:


From what I can see they do the same thing.


imagine, you made changes on $entity1 and now you want to get the old values (like the Old command).

Then you can call

Then you have two entities with different content but pointing to the same record.

Oh! I see. That makes sense.

Thanks, Christian.