I am in the process of generating dynamic forms
Because the text of some labels can be quite large, and can be controlled by users, I want to set them to a max. width. These objects are of type “text”
This is no problem, but I want to show the ellipsis when the text does not fit
Is there a way with dynamic forms to set an attribute to “withEllipsis” (truncateMode for example) for an object of type “text”? Or is there another way to accomplish this?

Dynamic forms support the same features/attributes as “normal” forms in project mode. So you can easily test by using the form editor to create your form, and then check the form source to learn about the needed attributes.

And so you will realise that automatic ellipsis for static text is not supported.
If you consider that useful, please start a thread in the feature request forum.

For static text, which is not enterable by the end user, we consider the developer to be in charge of the design, content and display. Either make the width big enough (or use two lines) or shorten the text yourself.
Object Get Best Size should help doing so.

Hi Thomas,

I understand, but when using splitters, the user can control the width of text and it would make sense to show ellipsis when the text becomes too big
On the other hand, when using 3D buttons, the text of the button DOES have an ellipsis when the text is too big. This then sounds like inconsistent functionality

I will start a thread in the feature request forum


I think that’s OS behaviour. Notice the ellipsis can be at the end or the middle of a line, depending on the platform. Also, the feature only applies to basic buttons, not customisable types.