Enhance DIALOG command to display a form with scrollbars

I have a form with many fields on one page. This form is displayed fine on a 27" screen. But with a 13" screen laptop, not all the content is visible because the form size is bigger than the window size. Unfortunately there is no way to scroll the content in the window.

Therefore please find a way to add scrollbars to a form displayed using the “Open form window” and “DIALOG” commands, so that the content can be scrolled.

Hi Rob,
in waiting for, I seem to remember a turnaround: put the form in a subform.

Verified, it works perfectly (DIALOG context).

I just noticed that scroll stops when a field comes under the cursor during scroll - doesn’t matter a lot.

Which 4D version is that?

I know that has been the case since v12, but I was told some changes were made in a recent version.

I’m curious as well. This was supposed to be fixed in v18 and v17 R6:

ACI0096405 Scrolling a subform stops when the mouse is above an enterable object.

Hi Keisuke and Cannon,
I tried on v17r4 64b client.

It stops as well when I turn enterable objects to not enterable.

Ah, that’s probably why. It is supposed to be fixed in v17 R6 and higher.