Erratic trackpad scrolling in method editor v18 Server Catalina


v18 Server which has been fine running on Mac Mini on High Sierra but the mini now has been upgraded to Catalina and I am having trouble with very slow, jerky, laggy trackpad scrolling in the method editor.

Same with both the built-in trackpad on the MacBook Pro client and a bluetooth Magic Trackpad so it’s not a device issue. I’ve tried all the usual options of trackpad preferences settings.

Makes it pretty dangerous because it is easy to inadvertently click the cursor into the code while struggling to scroll, so I am using the scroll bar instead but this is not satisfactory.

Anyone else seen this or have any suggestions please?

(Also seeing some very slow queries since the Catalina move but I’ll post separately on that).

Did you update the OS from Sierra to Catalina, or did you migrate to new hardware?

It sounds like the system is an unusual state.

The server was the same hardware, only the OS was updated.

On the other hand, the client I am using (MacBook Pro 16) - which is where the trackpads are - was a new machine a few months ago.

This MacBook 16 is Catalina only and therefore I had to install v18 on it. I also upgraded the 4D Server version which was on the Mac mini to v18 but initially I did not change the OS on the mini so it remained with High Sierra (which was V18 compatible).

Later I wanted all the versions to be aligned so a few days ago I updated the server machine - mini - to Catalina and this is where I started to see the issues.

By the way, at the same time there was a Catalina OS update, to 10.15.5, so that is on both machines; maybe this update is implicated.

I think there are other issues with 10.15.4 and 10.15.5. Notably it has been reported on more than one site that the screen goes dark when trying to wake after sleep and the only way out is to restart the machine



Ho Ho, don’t I know …

Chuck, this brand new MacBook Pro was afflicted with it: the first kernel panic (resulting in the black screen, BAD MAGIC error) when only two days old. I got straight onto Apple,

[Aside - I was furious because the machine was a replacement for a 9 year old 15in MacBook Pro which for years had been suffering increasingly difficult-to-get-out of black screen crashes when using an external display, I learned later that it was associated with a faulty gpu in MacBooks.

There was an Apple free replacement programme for the gpu but it ended before I was aware of it. The last time it happended it was the end of that machine, couldn’t be restarted.]

Already I’m being too verbose so I’ll just tell you that despite all Apple’s efforts over multiple support sessions it had a further kernel panic which ended up with a complete OS reinstall from from recovery mode. And later a couple more times (gentler) after sleep.

The new machine was set up with a restore from the old machine’s Time Machine backup so perhaps there was stuff there in old preferences which causes some of my issues now, who knows.

The Mac Mini has never crashed in its 4-year life, all of it running 4D Server.