Error: mac4D64bit active Confirm can goes backwards

Which of you would answer this question with Ok-Return?
[]29833342;“Your comment here…”[/]

Ok, then your data will be deleted as desired!
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Just a sample use case, two extensive processes are running in the background. By means of a progress indicator, the user sees its progress. The user waits for these processes to be completed. At the same time, the user must answer individual questions about sub-steps via a confirmation dialog so that the processes can continue to be completed.

As far as so good, with mac4D32bit there are no problems for this example. It always remains the last open active confirmation dialog of the frontmost, even if 4D commands “Show process” and / or “Bring to front” try to bring others to the front.

Under mac64bit (tested with 4Dv17R5)
but remains the last opened active confirmDialog
not necessarily the frontmost when 4D commands “Show process” and / or “Bring to front” bring another process forward which was previously opened and whose confirmation dialog is therefore quite inactive because just after that another process also has a confirmation Dialog has opened. Note, there can only be one active confirmation dialog and this is always the last one opened. The active confirmation dialog must always be the frontmost. There should never be situations in which an inactive previously opened confirmation dialogue can come to the fore. If an inactive dialog covers an active dialog, the user may perceive it badly. So what does a user who is forced to confirm a dialogue, but because of its state “inactive” receives no clicks. The user sees only this one inactive dialogue and he urgently wants to continue working, what are the vast majority of users doing in such a situation? Many users will try it with the return key which did not work with click on button! However, the result of the return key will be extremely surprising, because when asked if they also like sunshine, the software answers “You have confirmed that we are allowed to delete your data!”. What happened, of course, the Return key was answered by the active but mistakenly concealed second dialog, because an inactive dialog correctly accepts no clicks or keystrokes. The error is that an inactive confirmation dialog on mac4D64bit can be made by commands to the frontmost.

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