Execute method by ID from plugin in preemptive mode

The latest plugin SDK shows that EX_CALL_BY_PROCID is now thread safe. But when I call a method in a preemptive process, I get error -10530. This error code does not appear in the SDK or the language reference error list. Any ideas? Same result with 18.2 and 18R3 Mac.

#define  EX_CALL_BY_PROCID   -118    // PA_ExecuteMethodByID (ThreadSafe)

It is not in the documentation, but I found the error number -10530 in the 4D resources:

Can’t call not thread safe command from a preemptive process.

The solution is to mark the callback method as preemptive capable, even if it is implicitly thread safe.

Where did you locate the error message in 4D’s Resources folder?

I looked at in en.lproj and found these 2-files:

  1. Errors_4d_EN.xlf
  2. Errors_xbox_EN.xlf

Where do we find the error numbers?

Normally I would look for the error codes in the language reference:


-10532 is there, but not -10530 or -10531. I found these in en.lproj/4DBBErrorEN.xlf.