An other thing with a high side effect I discovered 2 years back, and declared 1 year ago to 4D:

<code 4D>
FOLDER LIST($path;$T_folders)
DOCUMENT LIST($path;$T_documents)
</code 4D>

Before, the result was sorted, which is logical. But suddenly, it appears not to be.
Everything was then unsorted, but even with 4D modules too !!!

I discovered this with the resources manager in 4D: folders and files were no more sorted. Very frustrating, and this is one of the reasons, seeing nothing changes (even in v18), I wrote 4DPop Resources Buddy.
Obviously, all my folders and files managers were unsorted too.
But recently, I was asking myself about the strange illogical order of 4DPop components in the palette: Oh yes, for sure, same trouble. So yesterday, I had to add everywhere a sort in 4DPop itself, which gives now a predictable order for componentsSad

<code 4D>
FOLDER LIST($path;$T_folders)
SORT ARRAY($T_folders)
DOCUMENT LIST($path;$T_documents)
SORT ARRAY($T_documents)
</code 4D>

This is a very bad side effect, as it touches plenty of things, even 4D itself.
I began to change everywhere it is used, so my question to 4D:

Is it intentional ? I mean you decided to gain a little time by giving unsorted result ?
Is it a bug ? And if yes, will you repair it one day or not ?

Then we will have plenty of unnecessary sorts in code: yours, and ours…

IMHO I wouldn’t write my code expecting these lists are sorted. If needed I sort the way I need. For example I have a batch method that has to work with documents in a folder, the “right” order is anti chronological (older first). Finder allows many different way to sort, too. Didn’t try, but I would not expect that commands from “Files and Folders” return ordered values, BTW.

The 64-bit Mac version now uses POSIX API for files and folders, which is much faster than the classic carbon API.

The change was made in v16 R5.

You suspect that 4D “decided to gain a little time by giving unsorted result”, but I think 4D never sorted the result, it was just passing the result from the underlying API.

After all, sorting file names is a subjective concept. For instance, sorts in a specific way> so that “item 10” comes after “item 9” and not before “item 2”.

better link:

I agree with all of you !

What I want to figure out is the fact that 4D never changes this kind of wrong behavior in its Tools box / Resources, and in 4D pop too… And when unsorted, this is so painful to just use them.

Anyway, you seem to say I don’t have to wait for any changes for those commands and you are right.
I’ll use new modern commands now.

I’ll post a new 4DPop for v17 with some corrections in that way, for who needs…

Ok published.

You’ll find “4DPop v17 version og” and “4D Pop Resources Buddy” to correct the unsorted result of the commands.