Form Badge For Overflowed Labels

When changing fonts, switching between platforms, or system fonts themselves changing, it is easy for text labels on forms to get truncated. Sometimes this is obvious, but other times it is easy to miss seeing truncated labels. Imagine, for example, this label: Emergency Phone Number:. If it is one pixel to small in width, it will show on the form as Phone Number:.

If I’m intimately familiar with the form, I will probably notice that right away. But if I haven’t looked at the form for some months or years, I may not notice it.

It would be helpful if one of the form badges would show form objects that are too small for the text assigned to them in the form editor. (It would also be helpful to either programmatically find or use a global search to find such objects.)

… and for all XLIFF languages, please.

…yes, and when develope (design forms) with win-client always cutted text results on mac, because same fonts generally on mac are always a little bit widther than on win. And mac+win have other designs just for some special button-types or some other special formobjects (different border/padding results in different content space).
Not a easy job to auto-calculate if resutls on all systems in all languages maybe cutted
and reserve always enough space with window-resize or splitter-section-resize…