Form Object level


Is there any way (command line) for changing the level of an object in a form.
We create objects duplicating the existing in a form.
But sometimes we need to send to front or back and ald created object.
Is there any way?



Since 16R4 you can use FORM SET ENTRY ORDER when the form is displayed.
If you use OBJECT DUPLICATE (v12) the parameter boundTo allow you to manage the entry order.
But no command to modify the form definition if it is what you want to do.

Hi Vincent,

It is not a problem of order.
In this case, the problem is that an object can hide or overlap another.

We have begun duplicating objects but if we can’t move the level, it is not a way.

I have seen other request in the foro for the same problem. And I have rate it as max.

BTW. It could be a round about if I can delete a duplicated object.

I think, it is not possible now. Isn’t it?