Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why has 4D released a new forum?

Our goal is to modernize the forum with a user-friendly and responsive interface as well as add a new set of features (described into the next section). 4D has chosen the Discourse solution which is also used by or to name a few.

2. What are the new features?

Here is a short list of new features available with the new 4D forum:

  • Reply to post by email (fullfill requirement for iNUG users)
  • Mailing list support
  • Personal messaging
  • Drag & drop image uploads
  • Easy integration with other 4D websites.
  • Feature Requests improvements (status, improve rating system, polls)

3. 4D Forum organization and access


Public Forum:

  • Language-specific communities (English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish)
  • Feature Requests
  • Product Announcements
  • 4D Summit 2020 Digital Experience

Partner’s categories:

  • Beta,
  • Hotfix & Nightly Builds
  • Partners Worldwide
  • German partners

Access or Groups:

  • Standard - access to public categories only
  • Partners - Standard access + Partners categories
  • 4D staff - Partners access + 4D staff access
  • Admin - 4D staff access + Admin access
  • Moderators

4. Discuss - How does it work and how to use it?

4.1 Discuss trust levels

Discuss attributes different rights via badges depending on a user’s activity on the forum. For more information you can check the Discourse blog:

4.2 New user tips and tricks

The Discourse blog post below will provide you some useful information about navigating and using the forum:

4.3 How can I send private messages?

Click on a user’s avatar to see their details and click on message button to send a private message to him.

4.4 How to return to the main page of

The easiest way to do this is to use the “Forum Lists” link in the upper right corner. This will bring you back to the main page.

4.5 User preferences - Mailing list option

With this option enabled, iNUG users can use discuss to reference theirs topics by email.

4.6 Change your notification level for any topic

It’s possible to change your notification level for a forum or a topic via the notification control button (the one with a bell icon).

To change the notification level for a topic, click on the bell icon on the bottom right of each topic.

To change the notification level for a forum, click on the bell icon on the upper right of each forum page (next to the New Topic button).

4.7 How can I insert a piece of 4D code within my post?

To highlight 4D when you write a new post, either copy your 4D code and click on the WYSIWYG button (shown below) or click on the WYSIWYG button and then insert your 4D code.

4.8 How to upload images or files inside my post?

To upload an image or file you can either drag & drop it or use the upload button image.

If you are posting several images, you have the possibility to create a gallery of images throughout two buttons (grid gallery or image gallery). The grid gallery (image) creates a responsive mosaic of images while the image gallery creates a responsive slide of images ( image).

4.9 How much time do I have to edit my post after submitting it?

If you need to change your initial post (to correct links, typos, or anything else), the time limit to do so is 120 minutes. Having a time limit prevents changing an original post several days after.

4.10 Topic Voting

Topic voting is available for Feature Request category. Topic voting adds the ability for users to vote on topics, indicating their support. Unlike likes, which are unlimited, users have a set number of votes so they must make choices about what to vote on, and not simply vote for everything. Users can vote directly in the topic, and vote counts are displayed on the topic list for quick review.

The vote limit number is depending on your trust level:

  • Tl0 (New) has a limit of 2 votes
  • Tl1 (Basic) has a limit of 4 votes
  • Tl2 (Member) has a limit of 6 votes
  • Tl3 (Regular) has a limit of 8 votes

When a topic is closed or archived then votes are released to the users and can be applied to other topics.

5. Discuss and Tags

You’ll notice the new forum have fewer subcategories than because the new forum is supporting tags. We think it’s better to use tags because they’re more flexible. You can use a thousand tags and easily search for topic tagged across categories (i.e different forums).

We encourage everyone to use tags in You can create tags for each topic and view existing tags on this page

6. What about my posts from the

For information about what has been imported from to, please take a look at the following PDF file.

Forums data import details.pdf (66.0 KB)