pour un client, l’organisme de certification demande un e-mail dans le CSR pour établir le certificat.

Comment faire pour ajouter celui-ci aux tableaux utilisés pour la commande GENERATE CERTIFICATE REQUEST.
J’ai essayé d’ajouter un code “18” dans le tableau, mais celui-ci n’est pas reconnu par la commande.

comment faire ?
D’avance merci.

perhaps this information might help?

18 seems to be OU/organizationalUnitName

Email/emailAddress looks like 48

Hi Keisuke,

thank you for searching.
I thought I could use the 4D command, but it doesn’t allow to add parameters to generate a CSR.
The provider had its own CSR generator, and the e-mail used had to be the same that the domain-name one.
I don’t know if this will be generalised to other Certificate providers, but it will be nice to have this command evolutive perhaps with an Object parameter that could be enhanced.

In fact, and if someone need it once, I found the php function which seems to accept e-mails :

thank you for your help.

see also:

just …Great !
thank you. :smiley: