GET DOCUMENT ICON not working on PC?

if I try to use

GET DOCUMENT ICON($abs_path_file;$file_img)

on PC I get this ugly pict :unamused:

Any idea ?

This icon point that you are trying to display a pdf image. This doesn’t work on PC. Try to convert the picture to png for example.

I would expect to have retuned the icon of a PDF, not the PDF itself.
Do you have a PDF-Reader installed?

Ok… so then why in PC this

		If (Is picture file($abs_path_file))

is true for pdf files ? A bug ?
The documentation explains it is the case on windows (on mac OS too), but then I ask myself why, as the preview is not answering something ?


Then you should get the PDF-Icon from the Windows Explorer. Strange, seems to be a bug.

This how it looks with our application v18R3 Windows 10:

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-20 um 00.16.08