Get/Set Process Variable and Preemptive

4D V18
The documentation for SET PROCESS VARIABLE is un-clear as to whether or not it can work with a target process that is Preemptive.
It only says: “The destination process must be a user process; it cannot be a kernel process.”

I’ve tested: and it seems that I can NOT effectively use SET PROCESS VARIABLE with my destination process as a preemptive process.

So: it would be good if 4D either update the documentation, or updated the command.

The command is not preemptive compatible, it does not has the flag (upper right corner).

The concept of preemptive is to encapsulate data. To not “set” data of other processes from outside. To not “read” from outside.

This is about Interprocess Variables, about Get/Set Process Variable, about using pointers to objects from other processes, etc.

Anything running preemptive must have it’s full set of data, so it can run alone.

If you need to share data, group these data to have the minimum possible set and pass this data as shared object.

This command is a bad idea at all. Honestly you don’t need it. You have other possibilities to communicate with other processes.

Thanks. however: the documentation is still NOT clear. Just because the icon doesn’t show preemptive, doesn’t mean that I can’t call it from a cooperative thread (with a preemptive thread target).

I’m NOT specifically requesting that the command is upgraded.
I AM requesting that the documentation be updated: made more clear.