Help tips: size of the displayed baloon

It would be great to be able to constrain the max width of help tips. Long texts slash my screen and are painfull to read.

OBJECT SET HELP TIP(*;"field_nombre_jour";"Délai de prévenance avant le renouvellement du contrat";$L_Max_Width)

MaxWidth for helptip? (i need time to think about)

Just as workaround i can use a linebreak (always 13=CR inner 4d on win+mac).
But i did only test it on mac.
I can copy too original linebreaks (not escaped-r) into form-objects-helptip-property
(use a text editor to create and copy source-text and than paste into form-objects-helptip-property)

OBJECT SET HELP TIP(*;"oName";"Line-1\rLine-2\rLine-3")

/* ...alternative */
OBJECT SET HELP TIP(*;"oName";"Line-1"+Char(Carriage return)+"Line-2"+Char(Carriage return)+"Line-3")

You can try AJUI_Tip which gives you much more options