Hierarchical list can't use collections

Hi All,

Might anyone else be dealing with this issue and found a work around?

I just discovered that hierarchical lists cannot be setup to use collections because there’s no way to tie a data source.

I need to switch from a hierarchical listbox (which are so easy to use with collections…) to a hierarchical list because I need to use custom images (not emoji’s). And as far as I know I cannot attach an icon/image to a hierarchical listbox row.

Unless someone has figured out a workaround? Again not emoji’s.

Although I wonder if I could create custom emoji’s that would work on windows and Mac? And would stay tied to the application. That might work?

Thanks for your feedback,

well I guess you could use an ARRAY PICTURE as column data source,
but that is probably not what you want.

as for using customs fonts, that seems like an overkill for the problem at hand.

if a hierarchical list does what you need,
I think it would just be better to do it the old way, using lists.

you can attach that list ref. to Form just to be contemporary.

Hi Miyako,

Yea I kind of figured that.

RTHat’s for the confirm.