How to create a tech support case on TAOW

Well, I’m not sure if I am being incredibly dim, or need new specs, or what, but I cannot see a way to create a new tech support case on TAOW!
I am using Firefox and I’m logged in with my Partner ID.


Hi Pat,

There should be a green button at the top when you are on the home page… Create New Case.

This is what I see (Firefox):

Nope - this is what I see:

If I click on that button I get
If I click on that TAOW link it goes back to the previous page.

4D might have to advise on that one. Maybe something in your account isn’t set up properly.

My partner level is silver btw, don’t know if that makes a difference.


From the sound of the button a non-partner can submit a bug, but without assistance :slight_smile:

Part of the partner program is tech support and help with cases. Seems to me, if you are not a partner you could still submit a bug but not get tech support with it.