How to get RESTORE via MSC to recognize database memory cache setting?

Hi, I am trying to find a way to improve the speed of a RESTORE that integrates log files.

This week we ran into a situation where a 4D Server locked up and our admin force quit the 4D server ( on window server 2016). On relaunch the datafile came up damaged so the admin did a restore from the latest backup and indicated to integrate a log file.

The server never used more than 1GB for the database cache. Our datafile is nearly 40GB so the restore (and corresponding indexing) took well over 7 hours. We have 30GB of RAM on that computer and the cache is set to 20GB.

Is there a way to perform a RESTORE and have the database memory cache setting recognized?

Dani Beaubien

just thinking aloud:

how about first opening a 4DB (any) with a large cache setting and then access the MSC,
as opposed to going directly to the MSC after launching 4D or 4D Server?