How To: PopUp information for urgent contacts informations

A customer would like to have a feature that opens a pop-up window for certain contacts if important information is entered there.

I am currently missing the idea of how to best implement this.

The PopUp window should be well visible, but not disturbing

Do you have an idea ?

4D v17r6
Mac & Win

Thanks Armin

Hi Armin,
I think a palette window would do the job.


If I understand correctly, your customer would like to have some kind of visual effect that some information are critical for a specific record.

For this I can only recommend you to have a look at the AJUI_Banner component and especially the Corner Ribbon which can give a nice visual effect that something is special with the current record: You can fully customize the color and the message to display.
Opening a window for that seems a bit old school for me, depending on the informations you would like to display.

Maybe a tooltip can also be an option you might consider :

Hope this can help and give you some ideas on how to make your application look more attractive.

It really depends on what the UI currently looks like. And what version you are using. And the nature of the information, as I think about it.

If the information is something unusual (credit hold, special VIP, birthday, whatever) then you might want a separate window to show up. Typically that isn’t very good UI, though unless the user closes it right away like an alert.

Better would be to have a hidden variable(s) or subform on the regular form that is used to display such information.

Or you could pop open an alert with a short headline like “Credit Hold!” which the user closes right away and the details of it appear in the hidden area. This gets the user’s attention to the situation and they can look at the details if they need them. But you could also accommodate that effect by adding a ‘headline’ var at the top of the form, in red and the details appear in the hidden area. This is less intrusive than a popup if you are scrolling through a list.

If you do decide to have the second window open you have to manage closing it again.

When a client says “I want a popup for this” they may actually need a popup. But it’s worth a little conversation to determine exactly what task they need accomplish and then decide if a popup is actually the best solution.

This is typical user demand : send me an email when this happen :expressionless:
Then the user have hundred mails by days :-o
User no more read their mails :frowning:
What you have coded is no more use… :roll:

Thank you all for the suggestions.

I think the AJUI Banner ist the way to go for me


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