How to use google smtp with internet commands

I’m trying, with 4D internet commands, to send email with a smtp google account.
It says I need to use TLS/SSL identification.

Ok, I get error
10071 TCP session was closed by the server
on SMTP_Send

Is there a possibility to do it with 4D internet commands ?
If not, it is possible to do it with the new layer in v18 SMTP New transporter ?

Thanks in advance !

Ok, I found the answer, thanks to Bertrand’s answer in this post: Envoi de mails avec le serveur smtp

Linked then to

$vError:= SMTP_Send ($vSmtp_id;1)

I just added “1” to ask for SSL explicitly.
Cool :slight_smile:

I have forgotten, don’t forget to enable in your google account:

Accès moins sécurisé des applications

In english ? Less security access for application ?