How to use lists in a component

Hi everyone

I am trying to make a coomponent that uses lists, i see that lists are not allowed to use inside a component because is a component of the main database, also i tried to use files inside the resources folder, but not lucky, because when i call the component, the resources folder that it uses is the host database resources folder, so i don’t know how to solve this problem

Maybe anyone knows how to use lists or files inside resources folder inside the component?

Thanks for your help

Not sure to understand, what do you mean by “lists”?

Hi, i mean that ones where you find in Design/Tools/Lists, that lists are not usable from the component to the host database, because when i use the command LIST TO ARRAY, the system tries to get lists from the host structure and not from the component structure, i use it for save information that is used in drop down objects and load some listboxes with that info



by design, components have shared (public) or private methods and forms.

you should consider this an advantage, not a limitation.

if you want to share a resource, create a shared component method that returns the resource.

if you want to share a list, create a shared component method that returns the list (LOAD LIST).