HTML anchor in URL

I’m trying to insert an HTML anchor in the URL of a webpage I’m pointing to but 4D doesn’t recognize the “#” sign used in the html syntax.
For instance, if I create a link pointing to, the “On web authentication” method will only recognize the URL as, resulting in the loss of information that I would like the page to open on Section1.
Is there a workaround? Another way to encode the anchor information maybe and then to open the html page right where I want it?
Many thanks in advance for your help.

I do not understand what do you want to achieve. The hash sign is used usually to jump to an anchor in the page. It is a mean a server gives to to the client, the jumping is done by the client. In theory there shouldn’t any need to process the value of the anchors by the server. And it is handled specially by the client, e.g. the browser doesn’t store jumps to anchors into its history.
IMHO if you want to transfer information to the server use query parameters like

Lutz Epperlein