HTTP Request(HTTP POST method...) with url path

4D v17R4+

$Http_i:=HTTP Request(HTTP POST method;“”+String($PortNumber)+$URL_Append_t;$Body_t;$Response_t;$aHeaderNames_t;$aHeaderValues_t)

I need to post to a particular path within the host, “/gw/native/direct2.1 HTTP/1.1”.

When I assign this to $URL_Append_t, I get an error response.

What is the correct way to include this data in an HTTP Request?


David Ringsmuth


IMO “HTTP/1.1” should NOT be part of URL, as it describe the protocol version used in request (HTTP commands uses anyway HTTP/1.1 protocol by default)…


I removed the " HTTP/1.1" from the path portion of the URL. I did not find the documentation that says the default is HTTP/1.1.

I’m still getting a 500 error response from the:

HTTP Request(HTTP POST method;“”;$Body_t;$Response_t;$aHeaderNames_t;$aHeaderValues_t)

I have this request working using NTK. I want it to be multi-thread safe, so I need this command to work.

I would try replacing the url param with: “”.
I’ve been using HTTP Request in threads without issues for awhile.