Installing 4D v18 on MacOS Catalina gives error with CREATE FOLDER

I just downloaded v18.2 from and installed it on a fresh install of Catalina. When I run it (Standalone or Server) I have to say ALLOW under the System Preferences Security and Privacy pane to get it to open (or right click and select OPEN). Once it runs I get an error on the command CREATE FOLDER.

Anyone else experiencing this?

The only workaround I have found is to disable gatekeeper using the terminal command sudo spctl --master-disable and then copying 4D again from the DMG.

While this is fine for me I’m not sure how to deploy this across a large number of Macs.

I believe the folder path looks translocated in the above runtime error dialog.

You cannot write to a translocated folder or file.

When you installed v18.2:

  1. Did you drag the DMG’s 4D folder into the computer’s Application folder as an Administrator user?
  2. Did you open 4D and 4D Server and then quit each before doing anything else, such as adding or removing components in either 4D or 4D Server?

If you answer NO to either above question, you need to trash v18.2. Then re-install v18.2 into the Applications folder. Then open and quit each of 4D and 4D Server – without opening a database – before doing anything else.


Thanks Jeremy. I did not open and quit immediately so that must be the issue.