IP Adress issue on server

We have a built Client server v 16.x running on a MAC

Network set up is

DHCP with manual address

This has been working till about 6n months ago.

The hospital seems to test power outages on fairly regular basis. When they do change over to emergency power

The network pane in system preferences loses all except the IP address and her we go

The 4D server running starts listening on a different IP address. Has anyone ever seen this before. Tech support is telling me to switch to manual address.

I have run and used this setup at many other customers

Thanks and regards



You can tell the administrator of DHCP server to configuring his DHCP server and choosing a Reserved Address to correspond to the MAC Address of your 4D server.

The DHCP assignment remains in place even if the client logs off, reboots, has a power outage…

Can you tell us the type of the MAC ?

I recently have a case with old MacPro(trash tower) with special Ethernet connexions and in my case the 4D server display many time the same IP in the administrator window ?!

OK here is some! more information as well as two screen shots
My current network settings

Sever showing broadcast IPs
Screenshot 2020-06-04 10.53.39

Where is 4D getting the and from and why are they there



BEWARE on your current network settings screen it is mentioned WI-Fi ?
Is it normal or have you also Ethernet cables ? IF so 4D can indicate all the different IPs (wifi, Ethernet, etc…)