Is it possible to configure x64 client to NOT multi-launch?

So, I run the new x64 4D client v17 in MS Windows RDS terminal server.

We have a problem: where if a user opens our RDS link to open our 4D client experience, and then (if they don’t see something happening soon enough) and they open it again: the RDS session will open multiple instances of the 4D in remote mode - to our database: the 2nd+ instances will conflict with the .4dc cache files: and give the user errors. This is causing our users angst.

Is it possible to configure 4D x64 to NOT launch a new instance of an application: but to just bring forward the user’s already running session? Our IT crew has searched, and can’t find a Windows solution for this: so we’re looking for a 4D configuration solution.

Thomas Maul provided a tip. here …>