Is there a work around to use Orda with field names with special character

We have legacy systems that use special characters and spaces, mostly with field names. I wonder if there is a work around on how to query them with Orda? We are looking for something on how you solved with sql.

[Employees]Last Name (with space)

Querying the Employees table with field name will fail in Orda. Maybe you have a work around that you can share?


First, ORDA supports diacritical chars, allowing do write something like
$entity.Straße:=“xxx” // Field name using German special character

Rules are beginning with Character, followed by Char, _ oder number.

Space is not allowed, as it is a separator.

But you can use
$entity[“Feld Straße”] :=“xxx”


Note: this allows also to use variable references, such as:
$entity[$fieldname] :=“xxx”

Thank you for the quick response!

The actual problem is when I do a query with ds

Here is an example. Where “Previous version” field uses space which obviously violates dot notation.

$article:=ds.Article.query(“Previous version=:1”;$articleId)

Any work-around on this?


I believe you can fix this by using single quotes around the field name

$article:=ds.Article.query("‘Previous version’=:1";$articleId)

Best Regards,
-Tai B.

Thanks Tai!

Working perfectly!