Issues with 4D Write Pro Interface in v18R2 ...?


Anyone else having issues with the 4D Write Pro Interface in v18R2 (both MacOS and Windows 10). These issues are being seen in both uncompiled source, and in compiled CS deployment.

Specifically in a 4D Write document and UI that’s been working fine for five or six R releases, now on opening the entry screen containing the WP area and tool panel, we’re seeing two runtime errors:

Error when executing the method “WP_Palette_Fonts” (4D WritePro Interface) at line number 11 – Object or Collection Expected

and then

Error when executing the method “UI_Palette_Fonts” at line number 4 – Object or Collection Expected

I’ve tried replacing the portrait WritePro Widget with the newer landscape WritePro Toolbar, and while this helps, in that the runtime errors don’t occur, there are other issues such as the Font pop-up menu not working and thus the document font can’t be changed (just one example of tools not working).

I’ve downloaded the 4D Write Pro component from GitHub, and looked at the appropriate line numbers in the referenced methods, but in both cases the lines in the downloaded source are simply blank lines…

Sound familiar at all to anyone else?


Hi it seems, that the v18r2 component source works, cause there are no double palette test forms inside the component:


Testing the v18r3 component source uncompiled throws some errors with the existing test forms in the component for the palette. Toolbar works.

I think Roland has to fix it. It is beta…


Opening tis sample v18r3 component source form and run it, trows some errors and like Allan mentioned, the font settings from the palette does not work.


Oh, easy fix.

inside the WP area script, there is a call to WPwidget missing, add the framed line to the script


I’m struggling to see how to fix these issues in v18R2… any suggestions?

Which sample form produces the error ?

Look at the code wp_updatewidget

I guess that inside the form method from WParea the subform call to the WPwidget is missing

Are you using the Widget and the Toolbar in the same Layout?
If yes - that doesn´t work. Since 4D V18 the widget re-initializes some variables needed by the toolbar.