It seems plugins are causing startup hang

OS X 10.15.2
4D/Server v17R6 243856

4D Internet Commands (18F203)
4D View (17G65)
4D Write (17G65)
Active4D (18B75)
CS (5.2b4)
FRGold (14.1.0)
NTK (3.1.0)
qrencode (15G1611)
SRP (4.1b3)

The previous OSX worked fine. After the update, 4D/Server hangs on launch.

I disabled the OSX signing detection feature system wide using terminal.

Launch hangs. I need suggestions on the likely cause.


in this list, only qrencode seems to be mine.

if you are looking for a notarised version, try the .dmg

you mention disabling GateKeeper (I presume sudo spctl --master-disable)
but I don’t know how notarisation works under that scenario.

in any case, it is important to clarify if 4D Server hangs with a fresh 4DB,
or if the hang is database specific. also, it is important to check the plugins one by one.

if you really think code signing and notarisation is the issue.
you could xattr -rc the whole app/database/everything and clean all markers of a downloaded file.

did you upgrade from 10.15.1 to 10.15.2?


4D/Server does not hang with a fresh database.

When using elimination of plugins, 4D/Server would open the application up to the first plugin call (NTK 3.1.0), and show an error when we had it removed.

Replacing that plugin to see if it would error on the next or any further plugin would result in hangs. I could not determine it is was because NTK was present and executing, or if some other plugin was hanging.

I’m not positive it is a plugin issue.

Debugging on the client’s box in compiled mode is limited…

We are going to try moving the app to another computer/OSX version this afternoon.