Journal file not updating

Hi all,

Environment 4D v 17.4 built server running as a service on windows server 2016. Built application is running as administrator.

We just upgraded form an older version of 4D. I moved data file, upgraded data file to v17 version. Ran MSC to check data (all OK). When I launched the server. (Not as a service). I create a journal file, did a backup and then finally launched as a service. When I look, the journal file has not updated since that date. All tables have a primary UUID key. Any ideas as to why journal is not being updated. What is strange is I did an update to fix a problem that did not occur during testing and the second time and then when I ran server (not service) app told me I did not have rights to the journal. I did same thing created new journal, backup and then run as service

So if I understand correctly:

  1. You create a journal not-as-a-service, run a backup, journal is updated
  2. You restart as-a-service, run a backup, the journal is updated no more
  3. You restart not-as-a-service, the journal is updated no more (back to start)

On surface, ir seems like the service and non-service is having trouble sharing access.

4D recommends not using a “Local System Account” which is the default, but rather, to “open the session with a user account…if you want to access network volumes”.

Registering a Database as a Service

Not sure as as soon as I close remote desktop, the server quits

I connect using my credentials, but once again when I close remote desktop windows my credentials are no longer in use. This is how the powers that be set it up

It is for a very large hospital. There has to be another way. This did not happen in v13 running on windows server 2008

Do I have any other choice or is journal file now out of the question.



Given the situation, it might be better to configure the server without using the UI, in particular, the database settings dialog on the server side.

With some coding (“execute on server” method attribute), it is possible to design a dialog that allows you to manage backup setting on the client side, or via the web. But I understand now is not really the time to discuss that option.


  • call “Log file”
  • if OK=1 and the path is not empty, log file is enabled
  • if the path is not the one you expect, close it with “SELECT LOG FILE(*)” and call “Log file” again
  • if the path is empty, which is what you want in case of the condition above, call “SELECT LOG FILE” to create it
  • “BACKUP”

Thanks, I am going to take a look at component from Thomas Maul. Perhaps that does it already. In any case this I think would make fr a really good tech note

Sometimes it is hard to get a client to pay for coding like this. Not a problem in this case but in some



Could I just use command new log file on server as I know there is a journal file there

I don’t know…

Normally, New log file is used when you already have a journal open, and you want to close it to start a new journal, so that you can move around the previous one for mirroring.

I think SELECT LOG FILE is more appropriate.