Lightning V4.3 Available now!


I take great pleasure in announcing the release of Lightning V4.3!

You buy one license which you can use for as many projects as required, you are not locked into a per server or per developer license scheme.

Available now, for all levels of 4D developer, you are not required to be experienced in either html or javascript.

Built for 4D, with a choice of Bootstrap, jQueryUI and jQueryMobile front-end frameworks, full support for custom framework templates;

  • Customisation without limits
  • For all skill levels

Please review the document Lightning-Starter-v4.3.pdf for your walkthrough of the demo, in particular;

  • Widget demos
  • Bootstrap Admin template demo (Gentelella)
  • jQuery Mobile theme demo (flat-ui)

Thank you to everyone supporting this ongoing project and providing the feedback to make this happen!