Limit of 1000 rows in VP and WP

I am building a report that can routinely generate >1000 rows. The report itself is simple, just a list of biological taxa that meet certain conditions. The code works fine when fewer than a thousand taxa need to be reported. However, WP generates an error at 1000 rows and VP simply stops adding text at the thousandth row. Is there any documentation about this limitation or am I missing something simple?

MacOS 10.15.4

You can export vpArea into an object, change the value of row or column, and then import it back into vpArea.

Here is an example:

	$vp_o:=VP Export to object ($vpArea_t)
	If ($vp_o.spreadJS.sheets[$sheetName_t]#Null)
		VP IMPORT FROM OBJECT ($vpArea_t;$vp_o)
	End if 

The only thing you need to know and provide is the Sheet name ($sheetName_t) as grid size is specific to the sheet.

Works great. Thanks.

in 18 R2 you have VP INSERT ROWS

you could do something similar with

$e:=WA Evaluate JavaScript(*;"ViewProArea";"var sheet = Utils.spread.getActiveSheet();sheet.addRows(1000, 10000);";Is boolean)

but you have understand that 4D/SpreadJS is not limiting the row count for no reason.

is it really wise to display thousands for rows in HTML?


In 18R2, the better way to define the row count is to use VP SET ROW COUNT

VP SET ROW COUNT is what I was expecting. Obviously I need to read better.