Listbox and edit row in full page How?


It seems simple, but I get stuck at a point where I don’t understand
what happens. Here it goes and I have filtered out what I think is not relevant
to the problem

v17.0 mac client and server. (However I saw same behavior in v15R5)
I have a selection based listbox.
All columns build via code.
Form event On Clicked and On double Clicked is activated.
(I need to use Edit Item in case of Click)

If I edit in a cell and the user needs to go full page it is not obvious
to understand that I have to double click somewhere on a non enterable
cell for coming to full view. Also double clicking an enterable cell does not
enter full page.
So I have added a “edit subrecord” button for overcoming these situations.
It is not standard action but a method call. I need to control the process.

Now the problem.
If the line is marked ie selected I get into the sub record just fine.
If the line is in “edit mode” ei. standing in a cell I get to full page view
with an EMPTY record. As I have a next record button I can just click on it and I am there.
It seems that I end up BEFORE the selection for some strange reason.

I have traced and everything seems identical before the call to MODIFY RECORD([orderrow];*)
Record is loaded, goto selected row is done, I see that information in field is there etc.

What am I missing?

Best Regards

Magnus Torell