Listbox Toolbox

Hello, I’m looking for a listbox toolkit

I received a link: 1 but which dates from 2006. The example database is not downloadable, bug ! and considering all the improvements since then, I throw this bottle to sea.

My wish is from a form, to position an LB, indicate which table is linked to it, which fields to display by default, and their formats. When the form is loaded, the LB is created dynamically by LISTBOX INSERT COLUMN, with width adjusted columns (depending on the data in the table selection).
Then if the user changes the width, or adds, or removes columns, swaps columns (from a pop up list in the header of the LB), all this will be stored after each change into a UIS table (user interfaces settings) , so that each 4D registered user finds all next time around. As a bonus, I would like the user to be able to store their character size for each LB, as the screens have different resolutions between Mac and Windows and the renderings are not that great.

Have a good day,