Looking for a good hosting provider

Product :4D - 4D Server
OS : Mac OS X

I’m developing a website on 4D v17, in the Mac OS version. I’m looking for a reliable hosting provider with a Mac offering. I’ll be happy to hear your suggestions.
Many thanks in advance,


Don"t know if they are good, but do you have see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b46E4mp_V8&feature=youtu.bethis> :wink:

Oh my! That is pretty unbelievable. :-o

They are good.

MacStadium. https://www.macstadium.com I’ve never used them, but I have friends who do and the reports are uniformly positive.

I use MacStadium, they bought out macminicolo which I had used for years prior.

They are good, but some of the support personal need more training. I recently upgraded the Mac from 10.12 to 10.13 and suddenly had major networking problems with connections constantly being dropped. I thought it must be related to other software I upgraded, but finally convinced myself it must be related to their network. The response I got was basically check my hard drive because it might be old and need maintenance. After going around with them and finally getting it bumped up to a network engineer, they said I needed to install an OS patch because of an incompatibility with their routers. I did that and now things are back to normal. I spent days dealing with this, all could have been solved with some information and warnings on their website. They discuss the patch as being needed for older OS versions (10.9?) but I had no idea I would kill my server performance by upgrading the Mac OS.

I am curious, if your not hosting it on your own hardware, why does the server need to be Mac ?

Since I developed my base on 4D for Mac, I was under the impression that the server had to be a Mac too. Am I wrong? Can I use a hosting company with Unix machines?

4D is cross platform with Mac and Windows. You can develop on Mac and deploy on Windows, or vice-versa. Not Unix though.

I’m a bit confused. Does it mean I should migrate my Mac application to the Windows version of 4D? It can’t be as simple as putting my Mac app in a Windows environment.
Thank you very much for your help, I appreciate it.

As you said it’s a web server, I think it is quite easy (no 4D client interface). That said, “interactions” with system have to be checked/adapted - for example paths, creating pdf documents, etc.

You can copy the structure and data to a Windows machine, and open the structure with the Windows version of 4D. It goes back and forth that way seamlessly, unless you use something very Mac or Windows specific, like use the few 4D features that are documented to work on Mac only or Windows only.

Fonts may be different between platforms. Using Style Sheets helps solve that problem.


I am curious, if your not hosting it on your own hardware, why does
the server need to be Mac ?
I am curious too, why not ? as 4D is cross platform as you say…

macOS is certainly more simple to manage (for people coming from Mac environment).

OS can have also some more robust/cheaper functions (like producing PDF on macOS :roll:)

I use a hosting provider for a different project to serve a Windows desktop via RDP from a Linux server running the free version of VMWare. It can be done… getting the firewall and NAT routing from linux into the vm is a little tricky, but it works great and it’s very reliable.

Renting a linux server is usually quite a bit cheaper than a Windows server.