Mac Os Catalina problem


v18 R2 (OEM)

I have create a DMG for installation of myApp Stand Alone. I download it from my Website in a Customer computer with Catalina.

Copy to the folder Applications.

Then I start MyApp and the system ask me for rights. I give rights.

But after a while I get the message: Would you open the Structure on Read Only mode?

As you can see on the image all Folders Read & Write for all .

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I also have tried giving rights to MyApp in Security & Privacy -> Full Disk Access

With the same result.

I have also changing manually the rights on the folders (after installation) twice with the same result.

I have also done this, in other computer, with the same result.

Any ideas ?


In Database Settings:Database the R/O warning can be turned off.

Hello Keith.


But this is not a solution.
The structure and the data it’s still read only.

since v15

you can have a “default data” (read only) data file inside the app package,
so that your real data file (read write) is always outside, perhaps “application support” or “documents”.

this should be the preferred mode of deployment on Mac.

with the current version, you can also activate “user settings next to data” so that your preferences file is outside of the package.

you can also activate “new deployment architecture” so that the last used data file path is stored outside of the package.

Hi Miyako.

Yes. I have all this things.

The only I don’t use is the “new deployment architecture” , bacause I have my own.

But I have tried holding alt when starting dabatabase for select the one I want, with the same result.

To my knowledge the DB must be placed in the program folder.

Maybe a notarization helps further.

Hi Martin.

Yes. It is notarized and in the Applications folder

Normally, in macOS Catalina you are no more allowed to modifie an application; so if 4D still continu to try to modifie the structure file or a file stored IN the .app package the OS can block this.

How do you work with the 4D users/group ? Are you trying to modify List stored in the structure ? etc.

Hi Manuel.

This is not the problem.
I don’t change anything in the structure.

You not (?), but 4D… :doubt:
If something change, the notarization is no more accurate, and then the OS translocate your application and you obtain this message.

Hello Miyako.

BTW I’m using your utility for notarizing and build the .dmg (hdiutil)

Could it be possible that Catalina has change any thing that we have to take in account for creating the .dmg ?

When I download the installer .dmg from the web by https I allways get this problem in any computer I have tried.
But if I download the same file installer using FTP no problems.