MacOS 10.14 Mojave and 4D compatibility

Apple has announced its macOS version 10.14 (Mojave)> to be released today, September 24.

What does this mean for you and us here at 4D?

While we already run many tests with 4D v17 during the 10.14 beta test, we always need to wait for the final release to start our certification.

If you are an end user using a 4D based application, we recommend to check with your software developer before upgrading your system.

If you are a 4D developer, we recommend to start testing your application for compatibility, but delay the usage in production until complete compatibility is confirmed.

While we did not found major issues during the beta test, however the full certification cycle might take few weeks.

We’ll keep you posted.

Thank you

Where can we list the bugs in 4D with Mojave ?

Actually, TAOW did not reference macOS 10.14… :frowning:


macOS 10.14 is now referenced in TAOW.


Thanks, I already use it :wink:

Has there been any update to the certification matrix for v17 and Mac OS 10.14.X? The last matrix available on the web site is for v16.4 and only is certified through 10.13.6. Updates? It’s been a while since Sept 24, 2018.



Take a look at v17 Nightly Builds Bug lists and you will see several Mojave issues identified and fixed.
Why still not certified?
Take a look at 4D v17 R3 Release Notes, it lists still open Mojave issues.
If none of them is relevant for you - ready to go.

Worst is “black background flickering”. While it happens only with some applications and even for those not on all computers or not always, if it happens, you cannot ship like that.
Problem reported to Apple. Rejected, standard behaviour, we need to rewrite. Rewrite impacts compatibility to 10.12, so major retest required. Rewrite produced crashes with drag&drop, reported to Apple. Rejected, standard behaviour, we need to rewrite. Rewrite impacts compatibility to drag& drop, so major retest required.
It’s a while ago that an Apple update made it so difficult…
Would be easier if we would just focus on Mojave and forget about 10.13 and especially 10.12, but we thought that’s too early…
We hope there are no more hidden traps, and the current “major retest” is the last step, but we thought so several times before already…

To summarize, read R3 Release Notes about Mojave and if these don’t target you, use either 17 R3 or 17.x Nightly Build, there should be no other issues.