Magic mouse and 4D (on Mac!)

I love this mouse and its design, not for eyes but for my fingers.

But !
Using it in 4D is a miss and I get plenty of annoying issues. Does someone have the same, and how to fix it ?

  • sometime, the double click do not respond, whatever in design (method’s list, form’s list, …) or in use (listbox on a line…). To make it work, I need to click on an other line, then back to my initial line.

  • on the property list, if I click on a value to edit it, it comes to edit, but a very small change with the mouse and hop, the value isn’t edited, very frustrating.

It seems to be related to magic mouse. Thanks for your answers… !

I have not noticed any problems with the Apple Magic Mouse. I have “Smart zoom” and “Swipe between pages” turned off in system preferences. Maybe that makes a difference?

Oh oh, I’ll try with “Smart zoom” off… 'll tell you !

I’m experiencing the same behavior on my Mac (4D v18R2 and R3) when draggable option is activated on a listbox (even with Smart zoom and Swipe pages turned off on mouse preferences).

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This is an other issue I didn’t focus on that time. But, yes, when a listbox is dragable, this is very difficult, nothing append and you can see a little move of the line.
Generally speaking, for all object interface, the trigger to consider a click as drag is really too small. Also, if it is a double click, 4D sould not consider that any drag is possible, isn’t it?
Ti’s point is really annoying for me and all users.

John, it’s same. Better, but sometime, ie after a global search for a string in the structure, sometime I fall into an endless trap where my double click does nothing. Even 20 times! Solution is to click to an other line, then double click back to the desired line. Then it works. Same thing sometime with listbox in use mode.

I notice that this is all the more true when the width of the column is greater than the display possibility.
For example in the explorer, a long name, in hierarchical view on the “Home” page.
So I got into the habit of enlarging the display area of ​​the list and this reduces these annoying side effects.
It’s also true for the search results window, enlarge it reduce the side effect.

No no, this append whatever is the column.
I can’t guess any correlations. The only one is when drag and drop is activated.
And I suppose this is enlarge with this Magic Mouse (people told me)!

Definitively, for my point of view, the threshold to detect a small move for 4D to think this is a begin of a drag is ridiculously small, perhaps 1 pixel.
And once 4D think it is an, even small, drag, the double click vanish…

As a drag is to… drag! Means going somewhere else :slight_smile: So why not having a 10 pixels or more threshold?

Perhaps because there is a On begin drag event

For sure, I don’t get your answer. There is an On begin drag event.
What is the relation with the fact that a double click on a line is easily not taken in account, due to 4D thinking it is a drag begin ?

Here is a video with lost double click in a listbox draggable and On begin drag event.
When the double click do not work, we can see a little effect corresponding to a begin of a drag.

Very annoying for development as for users.

Same here in structure, on a search window.
As we can see, plenty of lost double click. Who has this too ?

I have the same problem

macOS 10.13.6 4v17r6 v18r2

All MM options disabled except right mouse click


I have not seen that for the structure find window.

Have you looked at the “Double-click speed” setting?

System Preferences > Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad

Same problem here in the property list when editing text.
Also see a related problem in Mac Mail trying to click on an eMail, it moves the message in the list as if the mouse surface is too sensitive, and a click fails to select the eMail. The problem is not consistently reproducible.
Scroll direction natural
Secondary click
Track speed 7/10
All else off

Yep - same here. 4D v17.4 32-bit works fine but in 64-bit the listboxes and the Find in Design result list both have a hard time with the Magic Mouse. In v18.1 the Find results work better but listboxes are still a problem.

I have also had this issue with the Magic Mouse in both 32 and 64-bit where I SELECT ALL in a method and then click to deselect and get a cursor in the middle of the text which is still selected. It seems as if the single click registers as a click and drag.

I’ve found than clicking on right side of the mouse (or the left side I you set secondary button to be the left side) avoid this behavior. But…

Sure, if the On begin drag over event listbox is activated and on the objet method you try to caught it (and we need to do it to handle drag and drop fro, right?). I second Olivier opinion: The On Begin drag over event should at least consider a greater threshold, maybe even it should not be triggered until the cursor does not leave the cell coordinates

And the double click should be a highest level than the drag. Side effect? Who double click for drag?

I was not expecting so many people concerned.
Yes, as said, same problem with a selection text in a method. If you click on it do deselect, one click, single, nothing append, you can try dozen of times! The only solution is to click outside the zone. Same in form field or vars. Selected? No way to click in it! I need to use the keyboard right or left key to go at begin or end of the field with deselection, then click at the right place.