Mapping Write Classic Margins to Write Pro

For the past two months I have been updating a large body of 4D Write Classic code to work with 4D Write Pro. I have most of the conceptual mapping completed, but a theme which I haven’t mastered yet is document margins. Is there a document, HDI, Blog posting or Tech Note which could help me with the chore of mapping these properties/attributes? I could spend a lot of time and effort experimenting and guessing, but I’m hoping there is a definitive resource which has already done this.

For example, in Write Classic the WR SET DOC PROPERTY command is used to set these properties:

wr text top margin
wr text bottom margin

wr text left margin
wr text right margin

wr paper height
wr paper width

wr text inside margin
wr text outside margin

wr left margin
wr right margin

while Write Pro uses WP SET ATTRIBUTES to set possibly similar attributes:

wk page margin
wk page width
wk page height
wk page margin left
wk page margin right
wk page margin top
wk page margin bottom

wk width
wk height
wk min width
wk min height

As you can see, some include “page” or “text” or “paper” modifiers in them. There are definitions of each in the documentation, but my head spins when I try to keep them straight.

Any guidance will be appreciated.

Tom Benedict