METHOD GET PATHS timestamp option in project mode

METHOD GET PATHS in project mode returns an updated time stamp, but passing it back does not result in any methods being filtered. All paths are always returned. Is this a project mode limitation missing from the documentation or a bug that might get fixed?

Hi John,
2 things before,

  • for methods, there is a timestamp
  • in project mode I think it will be a souvenir

I came in the same problem before understanding “stamp” is not “time stamp”, but an incremental number. I suppose it works like this internally, each time an object is modified in structure, it’s tagged:

internalStamp:= internalStamp +1
modifiedStructureObject.stamp:= internalStamp

It allows 4d to manage C/S development, I guess… Anyway, it means you can’t “get things in” related to when it was made. But, as these objects are ordered in time (biggest value=most recent), you can use it to “divide by 2 and conquer” :

case of
:(found> mostRecentWanted)
keep half lower stamps
:(found< mostRecentWanted)
keep half higher stamps
//you've got it
end while

I used that in the component here (v14 old fashioned code :hot_face:). In the “form” tab, the ruler allows to set the N “recent” (recently modified) forms you want. I was too lazy to produce a sorted result.