Migrating from 4D write to 4D write Pro

I am about to take on a new assignment where it looks like that we need to convert an application using 4D write to 4D write Pro. The client is using Mac and want to upgrade the OS to Catalina and thus we need to use the 64 bit client.

First of all. Given that we need to convert all clients to 64 bit there is no path to use the old plugin for 4D write is it? (Just need 4D a hard no here)

So for those who have been on this journey. What is the major pitfalls to think about when to convert a very old but functional system from 4D write to 4D write Pro. Please give me your inputs!

The system is today in v16 and we are already planing to migrate to version 18.

Hello Johan

Many things to take into consideration there.

#1 : if documents are “old” (like 15-20 years or more) you should consider re-open them and re-save them using 4D Write. This will ensure you that your documents will been saved with a recent version of 4D Write. This worth for documents in the database (where I wish they are) as for documents on disk.

#2 : if your documents are saved in picture fields then create new blob fields next to them. Load documents from picture fields and save them into blob fields.

#3 : if your documents contain pictures using PICT format, then you MUST get a version of 4D that still supports this format (obsolete since a while), convert them into a more modern format like .png then save your documents again.

Once this is done, you can use a 64 bits version of 4D like v18 to convert the 4dwr documents (from BLOBS) to 4D Write Pro and save them as Object fields.

The most recent version of 4D you use, the better, because importing from 4D Write has been improved since the origin of 4D Write Pro. bug fixes and features.

Then finally, read the documentation about the new language and concepts of 4D Write Pro. Just remember that, if documents can be imported and are compatible, the language is not. In your case, this might be the hardest part of the migration.

Roland Lannuzel

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