Missing Listbox setter? - Movable Rows Property


Is there a missing setter for the “Movable Rows” property of a Listbox?

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I really thought that there is a setter for anything, but seems that movable rows for array based list boxes was missed.

I’ll check if we can do something.

If you need it urgently, you maybe can help yourself by using dynamic forms:

“List Box”: {
“type”: “listbox”,
“top”: 20,
“left”: 9,
“width”: 512,
“height”: 329,
“movableRows”: true,

Creating a complex form dynamically just to add an attribute could be a lot of work, I agree.
But if that form is normally static and you need to enable/disable the attribute depending on some settings, you might use a compromise.
Open a copy of your structure with 4D v17 R3 (currently in beta), export the form by command or export the complete structure text based and save that form in your resource folder (and use that one with 4D v17.x).

Now load it into text var, parse that to object, set movableRows depending of need and then use that form.

As said, just a possible workaround if you need it today.

Thanks Thomas.

I really thought that there is a setter for anything

Yeah, I thought that everything had now been covered.

Looks like I asked for it before:-

And a slight variation for managing when rows are moved:-

Not urgent Thomas, just thought I was missing something.

Dynamic forms are a very neat addition. So many more possibilities now with form export of R3 too.

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