Missing tables

When I execute the command GET MISSING TABLE NAMES, I get a text array with 9 tables names in which 2 names are between brackets.

Someone knows what is the difference?

These are tables not completely missing. They are still in the trash, just move them out…

The other are not existing anymore at all.

Thank you so much, Thomas. I had never used “move to trash”, always permanent deletion - I even did not know it exists :oops:

Comin’ back, the solution of the problem has become a new problem: as said above, 2 names with brackets and 7 without. But the explorer trash is empty :mrgreen:

I must say more, I think.

This DB is currently in production under v14r5 and soon will be deployed in v17. Since 2 months, we forked the 4db: v14.4db and v17.4db. We’re supposed to work only in the v17, but you know how they are: if we want to leave the office alive, sometimes we have to change things in both version, and even sometimes tables created in dev version must be created in prod version too. I’m afraid 1 or 2 tables were deleted in v17, too.

So, we often open the prod data with the dev version, to be sure conversion is ok. Since 1 week, we’ve noticed 2 tables in higher numbers do not correspond. That’s why I took a look to missing tables.

1/ Could it explain why trash is empty?
2/ I think about doing something with the myBase.match; is it the right way to correct this problem?

  1. duplicate your structure.
    With structure A and Data A delete 5 tables. Put 2 tables in the trash.
    Use structure B and Data A and check Missing Tables, gotcha.

  2. no.

The correct way is to regenerate the missing tables and use them, if you need the content of these deleted tables.
Or use Compact to delete all “orphan” tables.