Miyako 4d-plugin-zip - Zip an entire folder tree

Bonjour Keisuke,

I have another request with your 4D-plugin-zip.

When I zip a folder, it zips all the files in the folders, but not the sub-folders, the sub-sub-folders…
And I have a very complex directory to archive, do you have a method to do it easily ?

Thank you very much for your help !



P.S. : I’m still in v16, v17 in one month, hopefully…

the plugin will always zip the entire folder including all sub folders.

please make sure you are using the latest version,

and if you still have a problem, please also mention your platform and code.

With your answer, I went further in my tests.
In fact, the Zip contains all subfolders. I can see it with WinRar or on my Mac.
Only the standard Zip on Windows do not recognize the subfolders in the Zip.

My command line is something like :
$Ok:=Zip ($PathDoss360;‘D:\Temp\MyZipName.zip’;’’;1;ZIP_Without_enclosing_folder)

Maybe my customer will be happy to get the Zip with WinRar…
or is there an other option to get a Zip compatible with the standard Zip on Windows ?

Thank you for your help !


P.S. : Pour la version du plug-in que j’utilise, voici le info.plist : https://forums.4d.com/4DBB_Main/x_User/4131/files/28656023.zip


I tested with standard windows feature, all subfolders and their contents are restored.

I do not reproduce your problem.


perhaps you could change compression rate to 0 and drop the ‘without enclosing folder’ option.

and please, use the latest version.

2.1 < 2.4


Hello Keisuke,

I tried changing the options, it is the same.

In fact, the folders in the zip have a status ‘hidden file’, ‘Read Only’ and ‘System’.
I do not know why, because they are standard on Windows.

I will try the last version of the plug-in when I will be in v17.

Thank you,